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With the popularization of plate condenser in the industrial field, its importance in the civil field is gradually reflected. Plate condenser is used in some fields closely related to our lives. It seems that the plate condenser is also excellent in the civil field. Firstly, plate condenser is widely used in air conditioning system, and its main function is to heat the chilled water. A plate condenser is installed near the condenser between the cooling tower and the condenser, which can not only avoid equipment corrosion or blockage, but also save the operation time of the chiller during the transition period. 其次,板式冷凝器也能在高层建筑中做为压力阻断器,因为以水,乙二醇等为换热介质的暖通空调系统常会具有极高的静压力,所以需要用钛板板式冷凝器做为压力阻断器,将较高的静压合成为几局部较小的压力,从而降低系统对泵,阀,冷热水机组等设备的压力要求,并且节省成本。

Secondly, plate condenser can also be used as pressure blocker in high-rise buildings, because HVAC systems with water and ethylene glycol as heat transfer media often have very high static pressure, so it is necessary to use titanium plate condenser as pressure blocker to synthesize higher static pressure into several parts of smaller pressure, so as to reduce the pressure of the system on pumps, valves, chillers and water heaters and other equipment. Requirements and cost savings.


In addition, with compact structure, simple operation and maintenance and high heat transfer efficiency, plate condenser has become a part of urban central heating project. It is suitable for water-water heat exchange system, steam-water heat exchange system and domestic hot water supply system. It plays an important role in the rational distribution of heat energy and the improvement of heat management.


Thanks to the plate condenser in the above fields, the ideal performance can be achieved. If it is replaced by other equipment, even if the same effect can be achieved, it will certainly consume more energy and cost.

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